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On the Death Posture
by- fnordboy

It seems you can't talk to a chaote or chaos magickian without hearing the term "Death Posture". It was refined by A.O. Spare and has been repopularized today by Chaos Magickians and the like. Primarily it is used for casting sigils, but it can be used for many other magickal techniques.

In this short essay I will attempt to give a few examples on the different techniques of the Death Posture that I have read about or heard from others, as well as practiced myself. There are a few different ways that I am aware of to use the Death Posture. I am sure there are other ways and if you are interested in sharing them with me (and the site) email me. I remember a few years back there was a lot of discussion on which technique is the 'right' technique (i.e.- the one that AO Spare used), today though it seems that it is accepted as the one that I will explain first.

This procedure is fairly simple. The magickian should stand on their tiptoes, arms locked behind their back, with back arched and neck stretched, all the while eyes closed. In this stance the whole body is being strained. The breathing of the magickian should become deep and labored. A state of gnosis will be reached via this technique which is when you will fire off your sigil, but it is difficult sometimes to attain. After reaching gnosis one will usually fall to the floor exhausted. This would be followed with any form of closing the magickian wishes, though most chaotes prefer to use laughter as a form of banishment.

Another method is another easy one, but also a bit difficult to achieve gnosis with. It mainly consists of the magickian kneels in front of a large mirror, a few feet away from it. The magickian keeps a fixed stare on the reflection of his/her eyes. Then a good meditative breathing technique is used. The idea is to get to a point of non-thinking (which is not an easy thing to do for most people). The magickian will 'see' distortions o the body and eyes and surrounding objects, this is normal and does not equate a state of gnosis, one must bypass that and delve deeper into the 'void'. When the magickian feels themselves entering gnosis they should close their eyes and at that point visualize and fire off the sigil.

The last method I will explain ties in with the first method in a way. It has to deal with overexertion of the body and mind to bring the magickian to a state of gnosis. It basically entails the magickian bringing on gnosis by physical means, dancing ecstatically or twirling around with music (recorded or live drumming and such), there are many different ways to perform this procedure. This goes on till a state of gnosis is reached, where if someone else is there to help out the magickian would be taken up in a strong bear hug and lifted off the ground, all music is stopped and silence is all around while the sigil is visualized and cast.

These are just a few of the techniques and procedures I have heard and/or read about in the last few years or so. If anyone else would like to add to this short writing feel free to email me.

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