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MiniDisc Magick:
Audio-Magickal Cut-Ups, Cool uses, Tricks and Treats.
by: Frater Chipolata .: .: 3::::::::::>

  • An Introduction to MiniDisc!
  • Applications to Magickal Work
  • Tricks and Treats
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     This article is aimed at those Chaoists and Magi out there who pride themselves in being at the cutting edge of Audio Technology as well as Magickal Technology. If you have yet to discover for yourself the wonderful format of Minidisc then I urge you to check it out. If you have discovered the digital delights of MiniDisc then I hope that this basic article will provide some inspiration for the inclusion of the MiniDisc technology into your magickal workings.

     So what is it about MiniDisc that makes it useful to the average Psychonaut? Apart from its compact looks and magneto-optical digital format, the factor that really qualifies MiniDisc as a must-have tool for any 21st-Century Mage's toy-box is the totally unique recording/editing/playback functions.


"...every casual home MD user now has an audio editing capability
that was once the province of high end recording studios"
    - Eric Woudenberg, MiniDisc: An Editable Disc Based Audio System

     The MiniDisc uses a table of contents (``TOC'') data structure that enables it to link sections of audio scattered about the disc into one continuous stream. Tracks can be divided, combined, moved, or deleted, all with an "edit point accuracy of 60 milliseconds (12 ms on modern units)". The space available after deleting a track, or portion thereof, is now available for more recording. It also features Repeat play-modes, Random play- Modes and a track titling/ display facility! VINYL PURISTS BITE ME!! BWAH-HAHAHAHahahhahahahaaah aheh heh ahem...

     It is these unique abilities of the MiniDisc that enables the average 'Armchair Astronaut' to easily create their own Audio backdrops and soundscapes for all kinds of magickal fun. It should be obvious that the magickal use of cut-ups, as pioneered by Bryon Gysin and William S. Burroughs, in particular is available with this simple format - such use can be enhanced if you own a computer with decent sampling/music software and really comes into its own with a second MD unit. Indeed such sorcerous workings can be done 'in situ' if one has a personal MinDisc recorder, microphone and perhaps a small personal speaker. Allow me to give you an example based on the ideas of Uncle Bill Burroughs:

     Carry with you one MiniDisc with prerecorded sounds of screams, scary noises, sounds of death horror and destruction of a kind most frightneningly real and easily available from film and television ;) Have these short tracks divided as thou wilt...

     Let us assume that a retail establishment has decided to incur your wrath. Simply walk around the shop a few times with your microphone secreted and your Personal MiniDisc recording until you have recorded enough atmospherics from that place. Now find a quiet spot to randomly place dividing marks in that track. Plug in your mini-speaker and play the MiniDisc on repeat/random mode thus providing you with a decent, if unrefined, subliminal weapon for creating unconscious fear and loathing! NOTE: The play back volume must be equal to the general atmospheric volume around you or people will wonder why a pig is squealing under your coat!

     Burroughs credits this technique with the successful removal of the London branch of Scientology from their first premises and notes other uses such as inciting crowds to riot.... YAY!

     Of course the cut-up could also be used as a background accompaniment to a ritual designed to damage their profit margin....

     Rather than say more about the vast array of cut-up applications to your magical working I shall rather point you to three excellent sources - one book and two on-line articles to be found at Phil Hine's page.

     I shall leave this subject with a small sample of one of my own cut-ups of sorcerous intention prepared with more time than the above example - listen once and forget! I'll appreciate it ;)

<sample coming soon>

(Email to submit more Tricks and Treats!)


     With the use of a simple microphone, such as a tiepin electret type, your personal MiniDisc recorder becomes a useful dictation device. Record your Magickal entries without the encumbrance of the written word. The important information such as time and date can be spoken and placed as a track title! Have your diary on hand when those magickal results turn up and get them down on disc!

     These recordings can be transferred to your personal computer and encoded as MP3 files thus making for a searchable Magickal diary fit for the 21st century!


     This idea is based on a simple exercise from the excellent book 'Zen Without Zen Masters' by Camden Benares (Published by New Falcon). The difference here is that the MiniDisc replaces the partner.

     Record yourself, with the aid of a microphone, saying 'Where are you NOW?' or perhaps simply 'NOWWwwww,' to a blank MiniDisc.

     Record several more tracks of complete silence with random timings anywhere from a minute up to five or six minutes.

     Place your MiniDisc player in the Random/Repeat play mode and take up your asana of choice. Bring your attention to the flame and focus there.

     The point of Zen meditation is to silence the internal dialogue and pay attention to the present. The past is but memories, the future mere fantasies - there is only the eternal NOWWWwwwwww. Got it?

     As the MiniDisc cycles through the tracks you will hear the sentence you recorded being played at various intervals. On hearing this you should recognize 'where' you are in relation to the job of staying utterly focused on the flame and in the 'now'. If, as is likely, you have wondered off into the abstractions of thought then return your focus to the flame.


     This is an extrapolation of the above exercise with a functional difference. The idea is based upon a self-improvement gadget called the 'Motivaider' (see a review and tips on usage at

     Essentially one does the same as with the Zen meditation MiniDisc except that it is useful to fill the whole disc with random blocks of silence and with a gentle and non-too obtrusive 'signal' sound (such as a cymbal or gong) recorded between six or seven times.

     Choose a behavioral trait you would like to modify, for example posture or depth of breathing, and play the MiniDisc in the Random/Repeat mode.

     Every time you hear the signal noise then check whether you are behaving accordingly and if not then adjust yourself. Eventually the process should become automatic.






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