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Luciferian Witchcraft
A modern approach to a medieval Magickal Art -
An Introduction
by Michael Ford ©2001


“By the oath of Belial and Saturn, the awakening of hidden light
The lifting of flesh through dream and chant
I call upon thee, Asmodeus, devil lord of the winds of forests and caves
Speak upon the web of dreams,
I invoke thee within my very essence, by serpent and wolf
By fire and earth, ice and snow, desert and heat
Pass beyond the veil little known by most,
For I am a child of this flesh!
I offer now my dedication of my own Will to the powers of night, and of the Great Work itself! That through my dedication to the path of Witch blood, I shall know the secrets not so hidden!”

-from “The Book of the Witch Moon”, a Grimoire of Luciferian Witchcraft, Vampyrism
and Chaos Magick
by Michael Ford, © 1999, 2001

     Many understand the essence of Witchcraft as in relation to nature and general folk craft. While the folk magic brought from Europe flourished in the form of Wicca, mainly due to Gerald Gardner’s (1886-1964) extensive writings and Coven expansion. The system regarded Magic as a natural process, and to build knowledge from the earth, from which is powers reside. Many grasped this ideology well, given aid no doubt to the nature conscious fever of the 1960’s 1. It is considered that humanity has destroyed enough of its natural resources to begin the long process of re-building from the industrial revolution. Witchcraft offered a sister/brotherhood of individuals seeking the love of nature and folk magic, from which many in Europe in our current time are seeking yet again.

     “Witchcraft is the direct descendent of ancient shamanic cultures and practices, which has flourished with humanity since the beginning of time. The essence of witchcraft is of two basic aspects, being the discovery of the self and the unity with nature, and the mastery of sorcery and a balance of both dayside and darkside practices.” 2

     The Sethanic Witchcraft current has been cultivated in Europe through those who hold the key to the gnosis within their minds; it seems to speak through the blood. This unspoken aspect of the tradition of the old is known directly as Witchblood, it is a silent, unspoken yet natural degree of the folk ability to practice Magick. This is the inner magickal voice of Angels and Demons, the very core essence within each initiate that speaks to he/she of their own infinite potential. While the direction of those involved in the Luciferian Tradition in America are well aware of its context of approach, the defining state of consciousness must be adhered to.

     The union of some aspects of Middle Eastern practices such as Sufism and the various parallel witch ways of tribes of the Deserts are essential productive and beneficial for the advancement in human thinking. There is much to be learnt from other cultures, however the heart of such always emanates within a focus of folk magic or witchcraft.

     The Order of Phosphorus is founded upon the techniques taught through the lore of Luciferian Witchcraft, the lore and legend of the old transferred into magickal technique. The common history of the gnosis is labeled Sethian as it was indeed Lucifer/Seth and Azazel who brought the Black Flame to humanity, enabled it to rise above the mongoloid putty of our ancestors and become something beautiful. Witchcraft was a natural tool, taught by Luciferic angels known as the Watchers, and their Cain – inspired brethren known as the Nephilim. This is the lore of the Nightside, from which legend becomes desire which takes flesh.

     The Shadow – World of the Magickian is shrouded in arcane wisdom and infernal teachings, all the while embracing the light of the Morning Star and the Sun rising within. The actual practice of Magick demands patience and the Will to continue, for the many challenges of such a path are meant to weed the strong from the weak. What should be considered in some aspects is the fact that we as humans have developed over thousands of years, still regaining in the depths of our mind the great Serpents that dwelled, the wolves that devoured their prey and the pulse of nature in general. We are of nature, thus a great bond should be developed therein.

     The Luciferian current in America is generally hidden from public site, allowing those who work through such circles to build the Magickal Art through practice and discipline. Those who enter the gates of Witchcraft will automatically view the very Gate of the Left Hand Path. Very few will enter this infernal tread, as it brings one to the ultimate personal power of self-deification. Many are not able to understand this state of being, the ascent to become God or Goddess, thus either failing and loosing their mind in the Sabbatic Circles of Time or renouncing to a much kinder garden path.

     The Luciferian Witchcraft tradition of the Order of Phosphorus respects ALL paths that lead to human advancement and knowledge, including those of the white light persuasion. We consider that every individual has the right to believe and practice what he or she Wills, unless it harms another unjustifiably. The Order of Phosphorus is against Bigotry and Racism, considering such as the filth of non-human advancement.

     The Order of Phosphorus as a whole considers itself as a manifestation of Lucifer itself, those who join are literally “Doing the Devils Work” by bettering themselves. Thought dictates advancement by positive practice of Magick and Sorcery. Ones own darkside must be explored in areas not normally embraced by occult orders. The Qlippoth as described in Michael Ford’s “The Book of the Witch Moon” is a demonic astral region, beneficial to those who dive the mirror of Lilith and become stronger. Through the diving of darkness one shall embrace the light.

     The symbol of the Devil within Luciferian Witchcraft is symbolic of transformation within each individual, which appears at first glance, dark and foreboding yet essentially allows a great light of wisdom and power to be revealed. This is the Black Flame, the knowledge of self-consciousness and the process of becoming something greater.

     The Devil is essentially, humanity’s darkside, the very essence of infernal teachings that reveal Man and Woman as holding their own infinite potential. The light of knowledge which depicts Good and Evil is a great wisdom few may handle responsibly, it allows one to create and destroy.

     The Devil is defined as the personification of Evil, or the inverse ideology of whatever moralistic system is popular at the time. The word devil derives from the Greek Diabolos, which originally meant accuser. The word Demon is derived from Daimon, meaning a guardian spirit. A demon in modern context (according to TOPH) is a spirit or intelligence which can be related to ones Evil Genius, or hidden self, or the Holy Guardian Angel, which is a perfected manifestation of the self in anthropomorphic form.

     The Devil would not lead us to death and fire, but to life, creation, pleasure, ecstasy and wisdom.
Lucifer has been described within a Sabbatic context before, specifically as the husband of Diana from the legend originating from Italian folklore. Lucifer (the Sun) was the husband of Diana (the Moon); the two were joined in a great union of opposites. It is the development of the individual towards a partial solitary path which opens each aspect of initiation towards the advancement of the human spirit. This means positive evolution, discipline, understanding and mental strength is the building blocks of understanding.

     Lucifer is thus the high symbol of Sethian Witchcraft.

     The Witches Sabbath has long been a misunderstood and often misrepresented expression of Magickal Art. It should be considered that the Sethian Witch Cult is an expression of not only Folk Magic and Lore, but that of a modern synthesis of advanced ideals of sorcery, psychology and psychic development. The Witches Sabbath has long been held in arcane lore as the dream – meeting of the Astrals and Spirits of Magickal Practitioners of the Craft, those who between the Twillight of Dawn and Dusk dive the dream waking environment and meet as spirits and other forms to gather under the Black Sun, or under the arms of Luna, awaiting the embrace of Lilith and Hecate, the Queens of the Sabbath.

     It is through the Luciferian Circles that the Watchers and Fallen Angels brought to us the gift of what is called Witchblood, the Black Flame of Awakening that offered an awakening of senses. Each angel still exists in spirit form upon the earth, allowing a linage to emerge from different areas of psychic and physical development.

     The essence of Witchcraft should be explored within its dream – based roots, the touch of Sethanic initiation. As the Angels brought us the lore of the wise in the early times, so we must continue to change and progress such ideas into new ways and techniques. Sorcery is efficient as a manner of implicating your immediate surroundings. This involves the specific use of Lesser and Greater Black Magick in of its aspects – healing, cursing, astral projection, love spells and more are essential yet undefined in their approach of performance. This alone is up to the witch who develops his/her system based on personal and individual preference.

     The works of Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) was an artist who talents of draftsmanship allowed direct expression of his developed gnosis of sorcery. Spare’s early drawings were founded on the belief of exploring the self, known as the Zos 3 and Kia 4. Austin’s system of exploring the self by delving the depths of the mind is best described by his art alone. The writings of Spare, while being confusing and cryptic, were very poetic and strong. Yet, in the face of his art were under matched, quite simply, the man was a genius!

     Spare developed an arcane letter system called “The alphabet of desire” which contained the structure for contact with the subconscious. This aspect of Black Magick, allowed the individual to tap the latent powers of the mind and make such work for him or her. The letter itself should be developed by each individual initiate for his/her own Alphabet of Desire, this is where the connection and development of Luciferian Witchcraft emerges.

     Witchcraft itself, was silently expanded upon by Spare in his later years. It is known that he had many dream experiences which allowed him to attend the Witches Sabbath, as well as communicate with many of the attendants. Zos vel Thanatos (aka. Austin Spare) created numerous glyphs and sigils based on the astral conclave, even writing texts which included a full invocation of the Sabbath. Such art and writings no doubt influenced the magickal stream of initiation within many individuals later on, as well as announcing the formation of the technical term called “Chaos Magick” in the 70’s.

     Wisdom is the point of conscious understanding that is essential for the practice and life work of the craft of the wise. One may find considerable study in the four elements as described by Robert Cochrane of the Clan of Tubal Cain. As is within all Luciferian traditions, the significance of individual study and obtainment of knowledge is paramount.

     The answers to all things, according to Robert Cochrane 5. are in the Air – inspiration which is brought on the winds shall give the gift of answers to the many questions you may seek. The trees will bring power and the Sea will bring patience, for as Cochrane wrote, the Sea is the womb which contains the memory of all things.

     You essentially will be brought to listen to the elements, observe and learn. The one who brings the mind in tune with his or her surroundings is better adapted to work Magick and achieve the gnosis of which he/she seeks after. This is primarily an individual process and involves a large amount of personal dedication. The results, or treasure of the work is rewarded to those who essentially step through the veil of waking into dreaming and emerge upon the hill of the Sabbat, encompassing the circle of the Witchblood whom have offered unto Asmodeus, the waking lord of the Sabbath.

     The Order of Phosphorus, being a Luciferian group focused on solitary, ceremonial and individual growth through one discovering his/her own foundation of magickal practice recognizes the importance of the Sethian Witchcraft lineage that is present within some of its initiates. It is very much like a call of the blood, it whispers on the webs of dreams from which you are slowly lifted up to the Stag, naked and awake through the eyes of Lilith and Asmodeus.

     The Awakening and Dedication chant (performed by candlelight – indoors or out. If outdoors, cast your circle in flour.)


"By the rights of pleasure may flesh procreate from within. Mother of the Sabbath, Lilith I awaken to the mysteries of our craft. I dedicate my being to the path from which my blood dictates. By the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent I come to thee. I walk now the Sabbatic Path, reborn under the Luciferic Shadows and Promethean Light! Cain, wanderer of the desert dawn, embrace now my way which is our way, that thy mysteries are revealed through dedication!

Shaitan – Asmodeus – Belial – Lilith – Hecate Eko, Eko Lucifer!"

     Interested parties should contact the Order of Phosphorus with a detailed biography and magickal path interest to:

Succubus Publishing
PO Box 926344
Houston, TX 77292

E-mail: and/or
Web Site: OR
Issued by Succubus Publishing, © Michael Ford, 2002

    1. Rosaleen Norton 1917-1979 considered the god Pan to be responsible for the Back-to-Nature revival of the late 60’s through the 70’s.
    2. Book of the Witchmoon, a Grimoire of Dark Sabbatic Witchcraft, Vampirism and Chaos Magick by Michael Ford © 1999-2001
    3. “The Body considered as a whole”
    4. “the atmospheric “I”, or cosmic self” .
    5. aka. Roy Bower, founder of the Clan of Tubal Cain as he called i

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